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Interactive Speaking English Program (ISEP)

Course Description:

This program covers all the major communication skills, such as vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation, and listening comprehension. Students in Interactive Speaking English Program (ISEP) study 02 hours per day, Monday through Thursday from 15:30-17:30.


At ELEC we guarantee the highest level of education standard and your best experience in learning English. All participants who finish level 10 of an Intensive /Semi-Intensive program can participate in IELTS Foundation and Preparation Program and confidently look into perusing academic education in any international university.

Interactive Speaking English Program Highlights:

  • ELEC’s most popular course.
  • Includes all general language skills.
  • Open to students at any level, beginner through advanced
  • Classes meet Monday through Thursday.
  • 32 hours per month

Class Schedule:

Below is the schedule for Intensive English Program:




Interactive Speaking English Program 15:30-17:30    Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu