Fulfillment Policy

  • Course Payment from ELEC Education Group Sdn. Bhd. (ELEC) are performed on-line via the https://elec.edu.my website. Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).
  • Payment confirmation is via email.
  • Online payments can be performed by debit card or credit card.
  • ELEC is not responsible for any fees charged to the buyer’s credit card by the credit card issuing bank, such as foreign transaction or internet transaction fees.
  • A purchase performed using the on-line credit card payment method is processed in two phases:
    • Authentication phase: Customer submits the credit card information secure web interface.
    • Approval phase: ELEC accepts or denies the payment. If the payment on-line connection directly to the credit card processor (so the credit card data are not shared with and never stored by ELEC). The transaction amount is blocked on the credit card account, order is accepted, and the transaction amount is charged to the credit card. If the payment is denied, the credit card is not charged and the blocked amount is cleared.
  • ELEC reserves the right to not accept any payment, such as if a payment does not provide sufficient or accurate registration information or is located in a country subject to export restrictions.
  • Payments are fulfilled after receipt of the payment, via email confirmation from ELEC.
  • Registrant support is provided via email using only the email address of the user account in the ELEC system to which the order is registered. Do not register with one e-mail address and correspond using a different e-mail address.
  • Consistent with the ELEC privacy policy, registration e-mail addresses are used for normal customer initiated correspondence, and to update customers regarding the orders. ELEC does not spam, and the registration e-mail addresses are not shared with third parties.

For other inquiries, please contact us.