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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study at ELEC although I don’t have good knowledge of English?

Yes, ELEC is willing and able to help improve your English and make it better and there are different classes that definitely one of them would match your level.

When should I apply?

All applicants need to register at least 1 week before the beginning of each session. International students who need to apply for student visa need to apply at least 1 month before the start of each term.

Can I register online?

Yes, you can apply online through our website. Upon online application you would receive an email from us within 2 working days; otherwise you are advised to contact our main office to follow up your application.

What documents are necessary for application?

Please check out Application Procedure and Entry Requirement (here).

When is the deadline for registration?

All applications should be filled at least two days before the beginning of the terms.

Do I need to sit for a test before I start?

Yes, a placement test is compulsory for all new students to determine their appropriate level.

Where and when can I sit for the ELEC Placement Test?

The test can be taken at our ELEC center in Malaysia and you can take the test on any working day from morning to afternoon.

Can I start from the lowest level and be exempted from the Placement Test?

The test is compulsory for all new ELEC students. It allows us to determine your level of English and keep track of your progress.

How much is the ELEC Placement Test?

The test fee is RM200 per person and it is compulsory for all applicants

How long does the ELEC Placement Test take?

An average of 90 minutes.

Can I take the test on the first day of the session?

It is advisable for new students to register and sit for the ELEC Placement Test a few days before the session starts. However, if you are unable to do so, you must take the test on the first day when you join the class.

What do I need to prepare for the Placement Test?

No preparation is required. You just need to visit our center with your Identity Card or your passport. The use of a dictionary is not allowed in the test.

Can I take the Placement Test online?

No, the Placement Test can only be taken at Our ELEC center.

How much do I need to pay?

Please check out the Application and course fees section (here).

How can I pay?

Please check Student Application Procedure (here).

Can I pay ALL my fees AFTER arrival at the Centre?

You need to pay application fees in advance in order for ELEC to apply for your student visa.

Can I pay in US Dollars and is there a fixed conversion rate?

Yes, you can pay in US dollar and the conversion rate is fixed RM3 and is subject to change without prior notice.

If I’m on a tourist visa, can I open a bank account in Malaysia?

No, you need to have a student visa to open a bank account in Malaysia. ELEC will help you open a bank account once your student visa is issued.

Must I pay tuition fees in advance? Can I pay month by month (or by installment)?

All students are required to pay full payment of their fees before they start any session.

Can I wire my payment through person-to-person fund transfer service providers such as Western Union?

Yes, you can but beware of the exchange rate.

How to request for an airport pickup?

Please inform ELEC 7 days before you travel to Malaysia and please scan your flight itinerary to the admission Centre for arrangements of your airport pick up.

How much is an airport pickup service?

The cost for airport pickup is RM300 (100 USD).

Which airport should I fly to?

Depending on your airline of choice you would either fly to KLIA OR LCCT.

What if my student visa is not approved before my scheduled flight?

You should only make travel plans to Malaysia when you have received confirmation from ELEC that your student pass has been approved by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

When do the classes start (session dates)?

Our session dates are listed please check out (here).

Can I study on my tourist visa (or social pass)?

Students are allowed to study with us within the validity of their tourist visas. However, students must apply for ELEC Student Visa if they wish to prolong their studies after the permitted length of stay.

How long is an ELEC Student Visa valid for?

ELEC Student Visa is valid for 6 months and it is extendable according to the length of your study.

Can I apply for an ELEC Student Visa by enrolling in other programs such as IELTS Preparation or business English program?

Yes, you can apply for a student visa once you register in any of our programs.

When should I start applying for an ELEC Student Visa?

It is advisable you start applying at least one month before your desired intake.

What is the best way to apply?

The best way to apply to ELEC is submitting an online application. Please ensure that your scanned documents provided are complete and clear to avoid processing delays.

How long does it take to process my Student Visa application?

It takes around 1 month; however, the processing may take a long time during Ramadan periods.

What happens after I’ve submitted my visa application?

Your documents will be preceded by the Ministry of Education. After approval from the Ministry, it will be sent to Immigration for final approval which will be posted to you.

Will ELEC notify me once my Student Visa is approved?

As soon as your approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia comes out, ELEC Central Admission will notify you. But you are always welcome to call our Admission office to follow up:
+603 2164 9827
+603 2166 9827

Can my Student Visa application be rejected?

Rejection cases are not common, by the Ministry Of Education or Malaysia Immigration, but should in case your application is rejected by either party, your application fee is non-refundable.

How can I obtain a Letter of Acceptance from ELEC?

ELEC will issue you a Letter offer as soon as we receive an alert and bank receipt of your application payment.

Is a Letter of Acceptance necessary to enter Malaysia?

If you are going to enter Malaysia with a tourist visa, ELEC letter of acceptance is not necessary. But make sure your report at the Centre 2-3 days after you enter Malaysia.

What can I do if I’ve overstayed in Malaysia?

You need to let our counselors know about your condition as soon as possible since overstaying is a crime in Malaysia.

What are the advantages of getting an ELEC Student Visa?

A Student Visa holder is entitled to:

Studying in Malaysia for 6 months (extendable)

Opening a bank account in Malaysia.

An easier transition into other local educational institutions. If you intend to prolong

Your studies in Malaysia, you will need to apply for an extension at least two months before your student visa expires.

Will I have an insurance coverage while studying at ELEC?

All international students on ELEC Student Visas would be covered by a medical insurance plan during their studies at ELEC.

When must the insurance policy be paid?

You can pay for the insurance at the time of tuition fee payment.