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Learning is an ongoing, transformative process. At ELEC Junior, we provide a conducive learning environment, which aims to nurture children’s intellectual, physical, social-emotional, and creative development. We believe in promoting children’s curiosity, increasing their confidence and bringing out the best in them.

Curriculum overview – our six core subjects include:

1. Language Arts – the literacy program cultivates reading, writing, listening and speaking skills Speaking & Listening

  • Students participate in group conversations about books and class topics
  • Students speak in complete sentences that are audible and understandable


  • Students read words from left to write and top to bottom
  • Recognize uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Learn sound associated with each letter
  • Read common sight words
  • Progress from reading words to sentences to stories


Students develop writing skills for letters, words and sentences

2. Numeracy

The numeracy program cultivates number and number sense, computation, measurement, geometry, data collection and statistics, patterns and relationships

  • Students count, recognise and write numbers from 0-10 / 0-100 / above 100
  • Count in tens
  • Learn shapes, colors and sizes
  • Spatial relationships of objects
  • Time

3. Mandarin

We embrace cultural diversity in Malaysia. As such, we want our students to experience the joy of being a part of a multicultural society by learning a second (or third) language in an enjoyable way. Students can impress their family and friends!

4. Physical Education

The early years are vital years of physical development and skill acquisition. We focus on both the gross motor and fine motor skills, especially those associated with the fingers and hands. These fine motor skills lay the foundation for strength and coordination required for writing and manipulating small objects.

5. Creativity

The preschool years can be one of the most creative times in a child’s life. With music, dance, drama and visual art, students can:

  • Develop imagination and creativity
  • Express feelings and learn communication skills
  • Develop rhythm, coordination and motor skills
  • Apply problem-solving and thinking skills
  • Find new ways of looking at things


6. Socio-emotional

Social-emotional development affects every aspect of a child’s life, including personal relationships, academic growth, and self-esteem. At ELEC Supernova, children are taught to:

  • Regulate their emotions and behaviors by managing their feelings
  • Following limits and expectations
  • Taking care of their own personal needs
  • Maintain positive relationships with their peers and adults
  • Participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations


Enrichment and after school programs*

Some of the programs include:

  • Dance
  • Music and Movement
  • Art and craft
  • Field Trips
  • Languages – English / Mandarin
  • Reading