About Us

ELEC Education Group is a Malaysia based company and was founded in 2010. Its goal is to provide local and international students with the highest standards of education and facilities. ELEC Education Group includes two sub-groups namely: ELEC Language Center and ELEC Training Center.

ELEC Language Center offers language learning programs in English, Mandarin, Malay and Korean.

ELEC Training Center offers programs in Tourism, Business Administration and Golf.

Our programs will be student centered and focus on guiding you by making use of our experienced staff and expertise. Your success is our priority.

Our Mission

To be committed to the delivery of education of the highest quality. To employ diverse and highly skilled instructors. To provide up-to-date facilities to ensure delivering the highest Standards in education.

Our Vision

To be the best language center by providing both local and international students with world class educational services that will enhance their abilities in their personal and professional life.

Our Strategy

To improve confidence and oral English: Daily Quotations, Topic Masters, I-Like-You slips, Video Documentary, Feedback Sessions, Story-telling, Public Speaking, Newspaper Fashion Show, Request Corner.

Our Logo

The top of our logo depicts the sun which shines the light of education over our students. The tree at the bottom of the logo represents our students who are growing towards the sun.




Computer Labs


Library, Cafe, Hall & Recreation Room